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Finance for Non-Finance Professionals Course in Dubai on 3 Jun 2012

The "Finance for Non-Finance Professionals" financial course will be conducted in Dubai on 3 Jun 2012.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Concept of Financial Management
- The Goals and Functions of Financial Management
- The Three Most Important Questions Answered by Finance
- Understanding the Language of Finance and Accounting The Key Financial Statements
- The Income Statement – Changes in Owners’ Equity
- The Balance Sheet
- Cash Flow Statement
- Financial Statements Disclosures Analysis of Financial Statements
- Judging the Health of the Business
- Income Statement Ratios
- Balance Sheet Ratios
- Interpreting Company Annual Reports
- Different Measures of Profitability
- Reading through the Numbers Working Capital and the Financing Decision
- Current Assets Management
- Sources of Short-Term Financing
- Balancing Profitability and Liquidity Cost Concepts and Decision-Making
- Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
- Breakeven Analysis and Cost Behavior
- Economic Costs versus Accounting Costs
- Marginal Analysis and Relevant Costs
- Cost-Based Pricing

Using Financial Information to Manage the Business
- Making Business Decisions in Finance, Marketing, Production and Investment
- Financial Information as a Tool to Measure and Improve Operations The Budgeting Process
- Importance of Budgeting
- Guidelines and Techniques
- Approaches to Budgeting
- Budgetary Cost Control Capital Projects
- The Time Value of Money
- Cost of Capital
- The Capital Budgeting Decision
- Methods in Evaluating Capital Projects
- Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return
- Sensitivity and Risk Analysis

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