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Advanced Finance for Non-Finance Professionals Course in Beirut on 29 Oct 2012

The "Advanced Finance for Non-Finance Professionals" financial course will be conducted in Beirut on 29 Oct 2012.

Beirut, Lebanon

Program Outline
Identifying Managerial-Level Finance Focus
– Fundamental Finance Rules of Engagement for Every Professional
– Value-Creation Principles in Finance
– Impact of Financial Statements on Decision Making
– Capital, Equity, and Money Market Financing – Principal Financial Statements Income Statement versus Balance Sheet
– Top Level Breakdown
– Understanding and Analyzing Operations through Income Statement
– Core Business Activities versus Net Income
– Understanding How Assets are Financed
– Debt versus Equity in Building a Strong Balance Sheet
– Linking Fundamental Finance Rules with the Income Statement and Balance Sheet
– Understanding and Analyzing Modern Ways of Company Financing Cash is King
– The Cash Flow Cycle
– Operating Profit versus Operating Cash Flow
– Free Cash Flow: The Financial Analysis
– Breaking Cash Flow into Operational, Investing, and Financing Activities
– Cash Flow and the Company’s Long-Term Business Sustainability
Critical Performance Factors and Company Analysis
– Measures of Financial Conditions
– Measures of Profitability
– Financial Leverage and Gearing
– Productivity and Asset Management
– Trend Reporting
– DuPont Analysis and Return on Capital Invested
– Liquidity and Short-Term Working Capital Management Business Planning and Forecasting
– Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Business Planning
– Building a Dynamic Five-Year Business Model
– Performing What-If and Scenario Analysis
– Capital Budgeting Decision-Trees

– Net Present Value versus Internal Rate of Return

– Profitability Index and Discounted Payback Period

– Excel-Based Business Planning and Analysis Case Study Working Capital Management and Operational Budgeting
– Revenue Budgeting Model
– Master Operations Budgeting
– Cash Flow Budgeting and Forecasting
– Aggressive versus Conservative Approaches in Working Capital Management

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