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Advanced Business and Financial Modeling Using Excel – Dubai, UAE

United Arab Emirates
This Program is designed for: Finance and Accounting, business managers, research professionals, financial controllers, accounting managers, financial directors, senior accountants, financial analysts and general ledger accountants. Prerequisite: attending Mastering Business and Financial Modeling program or at least intermediate level proficiency in Excel. This program is worth 25 NASBA CPEs.
By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
* Learn and practice all the advanced tools in Excel 2007 by applying them to real-life business cases
* Develop practical models in Finance, Business, Accounting & Research
* Build Dynamic Business Dashboards to assists professionals in measuring performance and enhance decision making
* Learn advanced techniques to link up Excel with Access, Web, Test, SQL, and other Databases.
* Build Automated Financial Models using forecasting and what-if analysis
* Perform MACROS to automate and manage models efficiently.
Program Outline:
The Advanced Tools
* Dynamic Consolidation
* Data Validation
* Multiple Scenario Manager
* Solver for Business
* Pivot Tables – Advanced
* List, Check, option, and Spinner data modeling
* Advanced formulas techniques
* Data Tables
The Super Model Techniques
* How a Model should work
* Designing the input, process, and output
* Tools required for modeling
* Automating your Model
* Developing Forecasted Financial Statements
* Developing Financial Statements using the GL
* Prepare Vendor and Customer Analysis Reports
* Build Automated Budgeting and Business Models
* Formula Driven Visualization
* Trending and Bucketing Your Data
* Smoothing Data, Top and Bottom Displays and Histograms
* Two-Dimensional Data Tables
Dashboarding & Scorecards
* The ultimate business reporting tool
* Creating your periodic and flash management reports in seconds
* Updating your dashboard in one click
* Using dynamic labeling and Dynamic Graphing
* Report formatting
* Designing and Building Scorecards
Macro-Charged Modeling and Reporting
* The Rules of Macro Recording and Editing
* Building Navigation Buttons for Your Model
* Adding and Configuring Controls
* Using List Button and Check-Box Controls
* Using Option and Combo Box Controls
* Working with LOOP, IF, Msgbox, and Input Dialogue box.
* Building the one stop shop for your daily tasks and activities
* Automating the process of emailing and printing your reports
Advanced Report Development
* Working with external data sources
* Connecting to text files
* Importing delimited files
* Managing external data sources
* Using Microsoft query
* Connecting to Access database
* Connecting with SQL databases
* Connecting to Web data sources
* Creating a Data Source for Online Analytical Processing – OLAP
* Building report solutions
* Use learned objectives to Plan, Design, and Implement a complete Business Model
Education Program Fee: USD 3700

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